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    West Chester, PA | Chester County


    April 30, 2014

    Pocopson Elementary has it all. The focus is not simply on test scores, but on the child as a whole. The teachers are incredibly caring and are willing to work around children's activities when it comes to homework assignments while maintaining high expectations for academic achievement. Teachers address social issues as swiftly as academic ones and communicate with parents readily and openly. The front office staff knows each parent by name and which child he or she belongs to! My daughter has flourished at the school and LOVES it. I have high expectations when it comes to academic and social achievement and they have been fulfilled. Students excel academically while having fun and developing a love of learning.

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    May 14, 2013

    Pocopson is a wonderful vibrant school with teachers and parents all involved in the education and creativity of the students.

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    May 4, 2012

    A district ahead of most and top in the state for at least 20 years.Pre-1st is an oppty not avail in most districts. With a curriculum developed in conjunction w/ the K and 1st programs, it prepares children not developmentally ready for 1st grade. Parents in other districts send their kids to private/Catholic school or have them repeat at the same school, so there is no ability to coordinate their learning. Statistically, the children in other districts are the same age. The school doesn't just look good because SOME children are "held back" as another parent suggested. Some kids are almost a full year younger/older simply because of the cut off. My son just made the cut off and a good portion of children missed that same cut off the year prior, so they're almost a year older than he is. There isn't anything underhanded going on to give the Unionville children an advantage. This is a district that has recognized, studied and developed a program to accommodate an issue that occurs naturally. It's not a requirement. Numbers don't lie- they don't have enough children recommended for Pre-First grade to support a claim they are holding children back. Absurd and misinformed.

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    March 3, 2011

    Pocopson is a GREAT school! We have very high expectations for our schools (think tiger mom & dad ), and Pocopson meets every single one of our expectations. It s obviously strong academically, as evident by its impeccable test scores. But more importantly, it gives your child a very complete education. Its math classes are divided into 3 levels starting from 3rd grade (compacted, high-avg, and avg), so regardless your child s level, s/he will fit in with the right group. There is a strong AT (academically talented) enrichment program for certain kids requiring special challenges. There are talent shows, class parties, 1st-grade poetry readings, field trips, Reading Olympics, Read-a-thon, geo-bee, spelling-bee, and countless other programs that make elementary years a memorable one. Pocopson parents are always VERY involved. It s common for an evening open-house event to have 30+ parents showing up for a class of 20. While many of the above qualities are true for all elementary schools in the UCFSD, under the leadership of a strong principal, Pocopson s teachers are creative, dedicated, and loving. Most importantly, I have two kids in this school and they LOVE it!

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    February 14, 2011

    Don't move to this school district because you are lured by its high test scores or reputation. It is good school, but part of the reason it looks so good is because many parents hold their kids until they are 6 years old to enter Kindergarten, or recommend those who are 5 years old to go to their pre-first, a clever program in-between Kindergarten and First Grade. The advantage to this is that most of the students are a year older than students in other districts in the same grade, this having the age/maturity advantage with influences test scores. So you aren't getting any more fantastic teachers or amazing resources than other schools, this just makes it seem that way.

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    January 3, 2008

    My daughter just entered kindergarten this year and it has been a very positive experience. The school environment is top-notch; from the bright and cheery murals and artwork on the walls to the principal, teachers and staff that are professional and full of high positive energy. The school has a strong emphasis on academic, core values and respect for each child.

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    January 17, 2005

    I have four children atending this school and have moved alot so I have a basis of comparison when I say this is REALLY GOOD school. The building is brand new, quality construction and bright and happy. There is a wide variety of teachers and personalities, but due to 'team teaching', outspoken paents and high parental involvement ther are truly no 'bad teachers'. The entire school focuses on the 'whole child', and values and respect as well as academic commitment are stressed. Fortunately, our children have been identified and tested as gifted' so they have the opportunity to participate in a pull out gifted program as well as experience integrated challenging work in their regular classroom. I have also seen the same focus at the other end of the spectrum ... children with issues and learning problems. Bottom line, the high taxes are worth it!

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